Residential Communities

As a leading provider of security management services in the residential security market, U.S. Security brings imaginative, well-designed, resident-driven programs to our client’s properties. Whether it is single-family homes in a gated community, a high-rise luxury condominium, or a mixed-use master-planned community, U.S. Security understands the inherent vulnerabilities and the solutions to meet the security objectives in today’s demanding residential market.

Commercial Office Buildings

In today’s highly competitive commercial office market, building owners and managers are focusing more on tenant services and value-added amenities.

Industrial and Manufacturing

As the first security company to pursue ISO 9001:2000 registration, The U.S. Security Corporation recognizes and has addressed the security challenges facing today's industrial customer. As the leader in providing security services to the world's best-performing, most security conscious organizations, U.S. Security continues to develop innovative, customer-driven solutions, focused on loss prevention, safety, and physical security.

Disaster and Emergency Response

We organize teams of specially selected, thoroughly trained security officers to sites affected by natural and man-made disasters to provide crowd control, conduct extensive security patrols, administer first aid, and AED, and prevent looting, often in unsafe and erratic situations. Our security officer training produces teams that partner effortlessly with first responders, emergency personnel, government officials, and other stakeholders to protect life and property.

Special Event Security

We conduct advance planning, threat assessment, and prevention, and we provide crowd control and crisis response for special events ranging from corporate and political conventions to sports spectaculars, awards shows, and entertainment events.


Technology enhances many aspects of our operational effectiveness and is a key driver in advancing guard services and the security management industry.

About Us

Established in 1979 as US Alliance Management Corporation (dba US Security) in Miami, Florida with the mission of instituting a “client-focused” security management company. This concept inspired a paradigm shift for the industry from a guard service business to a complete integrated security solutions provider. Read more